CLEARNORTH Recruitment are proud to announce the opening of our new office on Westlakes Science Park.

Having established ourselves in the Samuel Lindow Building’s Incubation Suites a little over two years ago the time came to spread our wings and move to a larger premises across the park.

The facilities within the incubation suite were second to none and provided the perfect platform for us to launch our business. Rubbing shoulders with some of the better-known Construction and Engineering companies across the UK has allowed us to expand our business into new and existing markets.

The new premises, based in Fleswick Court allow for our own expansion, being well over double the size of our previous location. And importantly still offer a great view across the Cumbrian fells!

Why not come and see for yourself.

Join us at our official opening on the 27th of September between 4-6pm where the local Conservative MP Trudy Harrison will ‘cut the ribbon’ of CLEARNORTH HQ v.2.